Exercises tips to have a backside like Kate Hudson

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Want to look great from behind like Kate Hudson?

Here are some exercise tips to get that fanny fit:

First, start with Warm-ups. OK Mag advises to get your back warmed up, perform the classic yoga cat-cow stretch. Start by pulling in your stomach to round your back and then arch it and reach the top of your head toward your tailbone.

The next exercise uses your entire body to be involved. First lay face down on the floor with your arms straight out next to your ears, the tops of your feet should be on the ground. Then lift your arms, head, chest, and legs off the floor. Then bring the right leg and left arm down lower and switch to the opposite leg and arm. Release to the floor and do 15 repetitions.

Try some of these exercises if you want to get that backside right before summer…

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Honor Roll- KH

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Certain people I will style-ogle to their grave.

Kate Hudson is one of ’em. She rocked my socks with these two looks.

kh collage

The leather is just so classic her- she really was born to be a rocker’s wife. And damnit if she doesn’t she look like a million bucks in the open crochet for day and big Jimmy Choo bag?

Don’t even get me started on her post-two-baby bod.

love love this woman.

{images via people & popsugar}

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New Super Mario Bros U Review

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NSMBU cover

Super Luigi U is upon us. Is it worth it to dive into this adventure with Mario before Luigi jumps into the spotlight?


NSMBU presentation

Mario is finally saving the day in HD. From the first moment you’ll notice how good the game looks. This mixes with the catchy music and gets you into the moment. When you put attention into the details you’ll be even more impressed; the background of the levels are well designed, and the music is thoroughly thought out.  There’s enough detail to reveal more about both the design and musical choice when looked at and listened to more closely. Occasionally you’ll see or hear something nostalgic, like a tune at the end of the level indicating you’ll receive an item. You may also notice that enemies, Yoshi and other things in the game have reactions to the rhythm of the music. This throws the enemies’ patterns…

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